Master Bench Jeweler - Rodney Keller

Double Master Jeweler Rodney Keller

In virtually every field, there are very few referred to as a Master.
There is no argument that Michelangelo was a Master, someone who could
take a marble slab and create something as beautiful and moving as the Pietà.
It required vision, artistic talent, time, and without a doubt, skill. There are Master
wood workers, mechanics, carpenters, watchmakers, etc. who have dedicated
themselves to performing their chosen craft to the highest level.

Similarly, there are very few in the jewelry industry recognized as Master jewelers.
Haydon & Company is fortunate to have Rodney Keller, not only a Master but a double
Master, achieving his certification in both the United States and in Germany.
His credentials are as stunning as his work, assuring Haydon &
Company’s jewelry is created to the highest level
… an integral element of the Haydon Distinction.

Rodney Keller’s Certifications

Certified Master Bench Jeweler, Jewelers of America – 2003
GIA Diamond Grading Certification – 2003
GIA Diamond Certification – 2000
German Certified Goldschmiedemeister – 1995
Handworkers Guild – Bielefeld, Germany


Gerd Korn, Goldsmith Master – Berlin, Germany 1990-1991
Luchterhandt Master Jeweler – Berlin, Germany 1992-1997
German Certified Steinfasserbrief – 1995

Staatliche Zeichenakademie, Hanau, Germany
Fachschule Für Das Edelmetallgewerbe Techniche Universitate, Tu Berlin, Germany

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