About Us

Fine Jewelry in Raleigh

The Haydon & Company story began over four decades ago in Raleigh.
The goal?
Pursuing the craft of fine jewelry with a critical eye for both detail and beauty.

We are a small firm with a very experienced staff.
What makes Haydon & Company different? The most obvious is the lack
of “Brands”. Typically, branded jewelry is produced to meet price points and
high volume. Our independence affords us total flexibility which “Brands” cannot
provide or will not allow. Haydon & Company Jewels represent exceptional quality with
a balance of beauty, classic design, and craftsmanship. We make jewelry, whether
a special order or a piece for our showcase in the same manner with the
knowledge it will belong to and be treasured by someone very special.
Therefore, no compromises are made, no corners cut.
That is the Haydon & Company commitment to our clients.

We are in a free-standing building and keep our door locked
requiring you to ring the doorbell to gain entry. It is not intended to
be intimidating because it allows us the freedom to move throughout the
building when we are not busy with clients. Once inside, you will find yourself in
a very comfortable setting surrounded by antiques, artwork and beautiful jewelry.

Fortunately, we have the opportunity to sit with our clients, getting to know
them resulting in relationships and long-term friendships. Our focus, simply put, is to
be the best at what we do…Fine Jewelry. If you are looking for a store with hundreds
of rings from which to choose, there are other merchants to consider.
However, if you desire a “Jeweler”, we welcome you to visit and
experience the Haydon & Company Distinction.

Haydon & Company proudly provides fine, quality jewelry in Raleigh, NC and the southeastern US.