The Passion for Jewelry Perfection

Haydon and Company Jewelry in Raleigh, NC

There are four factors that influence the quality and value of a piece of jewelry
and guide the decisions we make in creating a piece of jewelry.
These factors are:

□ The quality of the gemstones themselves;
□ The quality of the mounting and how well it is made;
□ The level of quality and workmanship required in correctly setting the gemstones in the mounting;
□ All the paperwork describing the individual components and how the piece was crafted.

If one or more of these factors is compromised, the value of that piece of jewelry is lessened accordingly.

The Haydon Distinction

The Haydon Distinction is our pursuit of offering quality fine jewelry where no compromises are made.
It is this dedication which results in finer jewelry and clearly demonstrates how we differ from others.

Our opinion is that mass produced jewelry is not up to the standards our clients expect and deserve.

When you’re choosing a jeweler in Raleigh who you can trust for
pieces that are not only beautiful but designed to withstand the test of time…

It’s Haydon & Company…of course!

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Our expertise and dedication to quality allows us to offer you an amazing assortment of fine jewelry.
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