7 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Retail Jeweler Over an Online Only Jewelry Store

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With so many jewelry options to choose from these days, it’s likely that you’ve considered purchasing fine jewelry from an online jewelry seller rather than go through a more traditional independent retail jeweler. In spite of how convenient it might seem to purchase from an online-only seller, you may not realize what you’re missing or even what you’re actually getting when you forego a small local jewelry store. Here are seven very good reasons to choose your independent retail jewelry store over the online store.

#1.) Online Jewelry Stores Aren’t Cheaper Than Retail Stores

Precious stones and metals are market-controlled commodities. This means that an online store isn’t getting a better price on materials than a sibling independent retail store would. If the online store lists a price as having been marked down, it’s possible that the lower price is the real price of the piece, the “sale price” is simply a marketing tool to help move product. Finally, unlike a retail jewelry store, you can’t speak to someone about the quality of the materials or about the credentials of the person who set the stones — that’s assuming that they weren’t set in a factory.

#2.) Retail Jewelry Stores Can Offer Expertise, Quality, and Knowledge that Online Only Stores Can’t

An online jewelry store may have information about the quality of the materials used, but it’s not likely that they’ll have much information on how well everything was set or even paperwork to verify the quality of the piece. A retail jeweler will be able to advise you on purchases, cleaning, quality, and repairs, especially if they were the jewelers that set the piece in the first place. Hands-on expertise is hard to come by over the internet.

#3.) Retail Jewelers are Deeply Passionate About Quality Jewelry and Your Satisfaction

Independent retail jewelers have a passion for fine jewelry, one that’s born out of love for the art and the industry. They’ll go the extra mile to make sure that what you’ll receive is really special, unlike a remote online store that won’t lift a finger for anything less than the purchasing price.

#4.) Online Only Stores Offer Preset Options to Pick From, Independent Jewelers Give You Customization and Choice

An online store is great at giving you the illusion of customization and options. They allow you to choose from these settings or pick from these stones, but they are limited with choices they can offer due to how they operate. An independent jeweler can easily help you purchase what’s right for you — not what’s right for themselves.

#5.) Your Independent Retail Jeweler is Accountable to You, Your Online Seller is Accountable to No One

When you purchase from a big online retailer, there’s no name or face to go with your piece, no one to go to if there’s a problem, now you are in a very uncomfortable position of being alone having to deal with the situation. With an independent jeweler, you know where to find them, reviews and referrals matter to their business, and that ensures that they provide you with the best service possible.

#6.) The Jeweler-Client Relationship is Important to Your Independent Retail Jewelry Store

For a small, independent jeweler, they bring passion and love to the art of jewelry and are able to share that with you, the client. They know if they do their job well, you’ll become a customer for life, not just this transaction. That’s why they’ll remember you, your life and loved ones, and generally care about you when you come into the store. You won’t ever get that kind of service from an online store.

#7.) When You Buy from an Independent Retail Jewelry Store, You’re Supporting Small, Local Business

Small, local businesses are the heart of the American economy. When you choose to purchase from an independent retail jeweler or jewelry store, you’re putting your money into your local economy. A large, online-only retailer will not have a similar effect on your community.

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